Safety & Security

Safety and Security is our top priority at Berryhill Childcare.  Please take a look at some of the procedures we have in place and contact us to schedule a tour.

Chidren Hard Hats 


-All staff receive a Level One, local and FBI, background screening before  employment with our centers.

- Staff are trained in infant, child, and adult CPR and First Aid, communicable disease control, and child abuse recognition.

- We use only lifeguard certified staff in swimming pool area. 


- Only those pre-approved by the person who completed the registration form, will be authorized to give permision for others to pick up their children.

 - All  pre-approved people must present photo Identification to pick up your child.

 - Under no circumstances will acces to information, status, or pick up authorization be given over the telephone.

- Our centers are equiped with a biometric entry system to ensure only authrorized personell are entering our facilities. 


- We train for all types of emergencies including fire, Storms, and unauthorized intrusion, (strangers).

 - We have an emergency evacuation plan for each classroom.

- We regularly test and train our staff for each emergencies. 


- We have strict policies for administering medications to your child to ensure they are protected.

- We can only administer emergency medications including eppi pins and inhalers.

- All medications are stored securely out of the reach of children. 


- We have safe and sturdy playground equipment.

- We do monthly playground inspecitons.

- All outside play areas are wrapped in secure 6 foot locked fences. 

State License 

- Berryhill Childcare is licensed through the state of Florida Department of Children and Families.

- We follow all State guidelines for staff to child ratios and supevision.

-Our inspetion reports can be found online at 


- Our centers are cleaned and sanitized daily.

- We clean and disinfect toys daily.

- Our cleaning supplies are kept out of the reach of children in locked storage.

- Children are encourage to wash their hands, or assisted with washing their hands after using the restroom, comming in from outside, and before meals.   


 - Health checks are done daily in each classroom by talking with parents and monitoring children for symptoms during the course of each childs day.

-We notify parents and isolate, when a child does not feel well to help prevent communicable illness from spreading.

- We have specific policies in place for most common communicable illness including: Lice, Strep, Fevers, and diareah.


- Our centers include fire control systems that are inspected annualy by Santa Rosa County and local fire control companies.

- Our fire control Systems include smoke detectors, duct detectors, pull Stations, and fire extinguishers.

- Our fire control system is monitored by the fire department and 911 operators 

- We have video monitoring in all of our classrooms


- We accept children with food allergies at our centers.

- No outside food can be brought into our centers unless authorized by the director.

- Only pre-packaged and labeled items can be brought in for parties and celebrations. 

What Parents Are Saying!

"Love this school and everyone there so does my son!""

- Leanna